Learn to train

FAQ's & Equipment

What happens in the sessions?

working on developing technique and stamina through swimming lengths

When are the sessions?

Monday 1800 - 1900

Tuesday 1815 - 1915

Thursday 1815 - 1915

What ages attend learn to train?

its not really about ages its more on ability

When do swimmers progress to train to train?

Once stamina and technique has improved to swim 1500m in a session

Do the swimmers take part in competitions?

Yes - currently only internal Gala

outside of Covid restrictions we are part of the Scottish midland district league, approx 6 a year.

There are also other external Galas through the year

Essential Equipment Learn to Train

Swimming Costume £8-£30

  • Costume should be well fitting and made of textile material.

  • Costumes should be tight when dry, they tend to give when they become wet.

  • look for chlorine resistant materials such as speedo's endurance as these last longer.


Costume should be one piece (not bikinis) and not transparent, No frilly bits please.

They should not cover the neck nor extend past the shoulder or extend further than just above knee.

Costumes with cross over straps allow better movement of arms without straps slipping over shoulders.


Shorts or Jammers.

Costumes should be tight enough to prevent them slipping when diving in.

Hair Bobbin For swimmers with long Hair

Platting hair can make long hair more manageable on poolside.


Towel for drying after swimming.

Plus a small towel or turban for those swimmers who have long hair. This will help keep them warmer when leaving the pool.

Goggles £8 to £25

  • Goggles should be well fitting.

  • Buy junior goggles for children, adult goggles will normally be too wide and leak.

  • Do not buy the masks, these are good for play swimming but are bulky on the face for diving.

  • It is a good idea to have a spare pair of goggles and/or a spare strap.

  • The speedo futura biofuse flexiseals and the zogg junior phantom and super seal are recommended

  • Please make sure your child can put them on and that they fit well.


Brechin Beavers Caps are for sale at £7. Please ask coach or at registration. Payment should be made via bank transfer. Or you are welcome to use your own during training.

  • Cloth caps are not recommended,

  • Silicon ones tend to be best.

  • Caps are necessary to keep swimmers hair out of face, aid streamlining and keep the filters in the pool clear.

  • It is always good to have a spare.

White caps are given to Learn to Swim (L2S)

Red caps are given to Learn to Train (L2T)

Blue caps are given to Train to Train (T2T)

Water Bottle

  • Swimmers must bring with them enough WATER to last the length of the session.

  • T2T swimmers should bring 1 litre for each hour they are swimming.



  • A plastic box with name clearly marked.

  • Should be able to take all their swim accessories travelling to and from swimming and all their clothes including shoes whilst at the pool, about 20x30x40cm ie. about 25litres.

  • Or the plastic garden tubs would work well.

  • Please no bags on poolside.

  • A plastic bag to put shoes in may be useful if shoes are wet or muddy.

Warm Clothing

  • Swimmer should arrive in costume 'beach ready'.

  • At the end of the session they can have a quick rinse, no Soap or shampoo, in the shower.

  • Swimmers can use a changing room to get changed in to dry clothes.