PB Gala Information 

PB Gala Tuesday 19th September 2023 

Open to all L2T and T2T PB swimmers 

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Its all about your Personal Best (PB) 

PB GALA Invite

The 2nd Brechin Beaver PB Gala of 2023 is to be held at Brechin Leisure Pool on Tuesday 19th September.

Warm Up is at 6.00. Finish is 8:30approx.

Everyone in L2T and T2T is encouraged to enter.

No L2T or T2T training will take place on this day.

Please add your name to the list here before Monday 18th

September 5pm if you wish to enter.

Please note PB stands for personal best. In this gala, swimmers are competing with

themselves. The swimmer who improves the most gets the most points, not the fastest


Swimmers should bring a water bottle, a t-shirt, an extra towel and spare goggles and cap if

you have them. Swimmers should have a light tea before coming to the pool.

Spectators are welcome but please add expected numbers to the sign in sheet. Spectators

should note that no outdoor footwear is allowed on poolside, and it does get warm.

Age is as of December 31 st , 2023.

AGE GROUPS: 9&U, 10yrs, 11/12yrs, 13/14yrs, 15+.

Events are as follows:

9&U; 25m free, back and breast, no fly.

10yrs: 50m free, back and breast, 25m fly.

11/12yrs: 50m free, back and breast, 25m fly.

13/14yrs: 50m free, back, breast and fly.

15+: 50m free, back, breast and fly.

Points are awarded if swimmers achieve personal bests. No points for place.

Points are added to the March 2023 PB gala for overall awards, however you still get times

for the next gala and good experience even if you did not make the March gala.

PB > 1s gets 3 points

PB 1s or less gets 2 points

First time PB gets 2 points.

For swimming and no PB they get 1 point.

Points are added up over the 3 or 4 strokes.